Gilles Simon backs Novak Djokovic's PTPA

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Gilles Simon backs Novak Djokovic's PTPA

French tennis player Gilles Simon has backed Novak Djokovic's PTPA, saying he has always been an advocate for an association of players only. The talk regarding the PTPA gained momentum at the Miami Masters after ATP chairman Andrea Gaudenzi screamed at Vasek Pospisil during a meeting.

Pospisil and world No. 1 Djokovic are the main force behind the PTPA. "I never hid it. I’ve always said ATP is more about tournaments than players. And I repeat, the situation (prize money cuts) illustrates this very well," Simon said, as revealed on Essentially Sports.

Simon not a fan of the ATP

"An hour and a half the chair of the ATP f***ing screaming at me in a player meeting for trying to unite the players," Pospisil said to chair umpire Arnaud Gabas during his Miami rant.

"For an an hour and a half ... The leader of the ATP... F***ing a***hole. "If you want to default me, I'll gladly sue this whole organisation." Reflecting on the incident, Djokovic said: ''Concerning matters at hand, I am not in Miami.

However Vasek Pospišil is my good friend and I empathize with him wholeheartedly. Players on tour would agree that he is an individual of the highest integrity who cares about the well being of his fellow competitors.

I am hopeful players recognize the importance of standing together." Pospisil sincerely apologized for his actions. "I want to sincerely apologize for my behavior on the court in Miami earlier today. I disrespected the game I love and for that I am truly sorry.

By way of explanation, I felt deeply unnerved during a meeting between players and ATP executives last night, and I underestimated the toll those emotions took on me until I stepped onto the court today. Again, I am sorry for my on-court behavior and the language I used," Pospisil said in a statement posted on his Twitter account.