Matteo Berrettini 'proud' of his RG campaign despite Novak Djokovic loss

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Matteo Berrettini 'proud' of his RG campaign despite Novak Djokovic loss

Italian tennis star Matteo Berrettini wasn't a fan of the fans leaving the stadium in the fourth set due to a curfew. "The fans leaving is something I didn't like. But it's bigger than us. You have to adjust in the situation.

It's not the worse thing that happened last year. It didn't help me. Tennis players have to adjust to everything," Berrettini said, per Tennis Majors. Berrettini, who is the top-ranked Italian tenniis player, failed to beat world No.

1 Novak Djokovic in the French Open quarterfinal but still he was happy with his performance. "I'm really proud of myself and my team. But I don't want to stop here. It's my second quarter in a Slam. It's great if I think about from I'm coming, the injuries...

But I want it more, I want to do a great Wimbledon, that's my mentality right now," Berrettini said.

Djokovic beat Berrettini in four sets

“I thought the atmosphere was Davis Cup-like, to be honest,” the Serb said.

“It was a lot of fans involved, every single point cheering, screaming. Just electric atmosphere out there. Yeah, I’m happy that I had that experience of playing in front of the crowd in the night session….

The crowd lifted him up. He was playing some really powerful tennis. Especially in the third and fourth he served tremendously strong and precise. It was just very difficult to read his serve and play someone like him. “I didn’t mind actually leaving the court because I felt like I needed a little bit of a break and reset.

Yeah, it’s unfortunate for the tournament, for the crowd, to have that curfew. But we knew it before the match. Referee came up to us and said, ‘If it comes close to 11:00, we’ll have to empty the stadium.’ That’s what happened”.