Novak Djokovic: Grand Slams are biggest motivation for me right now

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Novak Djokovic: Grand Slams are biggest motivation for me right now

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic has acknowledged that the Grand Slams are his biggest goals as he is aiming to win it all at Wimbledon. "Three people with me, that’s maximum allowed. I am in the official hotel. Not the first bubble, but hopefully one of the last.

I walked around the site for some fresh air," Djokovic said, per Sasa Ozmo. Djokovic has had a great 2021 season, winning it all at the Australian Open and French Open. Djokovic now has 19 Grand Slams -- one less than Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

"Grand Slams are the biggest motivation for me right now. Trying to peak at the majors. I managed to play my best when it mattered the most throughout my career, I think," Djokovic underlined. "My confidence is pretty high, having won two majors.

Garros took a lot out of me, mentally, physically and emotinally, but it brought me a lot of positive energy as well."

Djokovic plays Jack Draper in the first round

Nadal won't be playing at Wimbledon this year but 39-year-old Federer will.

"The biggest task is how to stay in the present moment. There is always something on the line for me, Roger or Rafa when it comes to tennis history," Djokovic said. Djokovic will be completely focused on Wimbledon this upcoming fortnight.

"Over the years I developed my own mechanism on directing the energy to what matters most, which is the present moment," Djokovic said. Djokovic doesn't know much about Draper but still he will enter the match as the huge favorite.

"I don’t know too much about Draper, I asked Sinner a few questions about his game.I have to do my homework, watch some videos of his performance in Queens. He is going to have people behind him, it can be tricky, he doesn’t have much to lose. I am taking it very seriously," Djokovic said.