Novak Djokovic: 'Since I reached the historic number one, the priority for me...'

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Novak Djokovic: 'Since I reached the historic number one, the priority for me...'

Novak Djokovic won his sixteenth consecutive game at Wimbledon by beating Kevin Anderson in three sets. The Serbian champion has not given any opportunity to his opponent at the service and in the most important moments of the game has always found the decisive break.

The South African didn't have a bad game, but Djokovic never hesitated and easily gained access to the third round of the Championships. In 2016, just like this year, the Belgrade came to Wimbledon by winning the first two Grand Slams of the season.

On that occasion, Djokovic stopped right in the third round against one of the best versions of Sam Querrey. "In the first press conference in Wimbledon I talked about this and I explained that I will try to learn from that experience, when I got here feeling great and then I lost in the third round I lost to Querrey.

That day I felt different, a little exhausted. I wouldn't say unmotivated, because playing Wimbledon is always a dream. Now I'm a completely different player: I feel more experienced and wiser. I'm only in the third round and there is a long way to go.

Primacy Slam? I hope to be able to reach the top in Slam tournaments, I repeat this constantly. At this stage of my career it is the tournaments that matter most to me. The Masters 1000, ATP Finals and other tournaments are also important for the leaderboard.

But I don't want to hide, because my great goal is to play well in the Grand Slams, and this year also at the Olympics”.

Djokovic will be playing his third round match on Friday

Novak Djokovic then focused on the conditions of the Central Court and the injuries that hit Adrian Mannarino and Serena Williams.

“I crashed several times in both the first and second games, more than I would have liked. I don't think it depends on the quality of the fields. Obviously these days it is raining a lot and with the roof closed the field is hit by humidity.

The grass in these conditions becomes a bit slippery. I come here after playing on clay and the conditions are completely different. I will try to fall less. I'm not too cautious when I move from one side of the pitch to the other.

I slide a lot and I know I have to adapt to the surface. Today I never thought about Mannarino and Serena Williams' retreats. It is sad to see two athletes leaving the tournament due to physical problems. I can't speak for them and I don't know if they think the fields are more slippery than in past seasons.

It is normal in the first few games, but as I said before: the more games you play, the greater your adaptation to the surface”. Every tennis player dreams of winning the Grand Slam title through their efforts and hard work.

Djokovic applies the same logic, and is extremely keen on winning more Grand Slam titles. “I look to peak in the biggest tournaments of our sport. I have said it before, at this stage of my career, Grand Slams are the one that matter the most, and of course 1000 events on the ATP tour.

I try to maintain the high position on the rankings, but since I reached the historic number one, the priority for me is to play well in Slams. Also Olympic games, this year being the Olympic year,” said Djokovic in his post match press conference.