'Something could happen with Novak Djokovic, you never...', says analyst

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'Something could happen with Novak Djokovic, you never...', says analyst

Novak Djokovic reached the Wimbledon final playing arguably the most complicated match yet and beating young Canadian tennis talent Denis Shapovalov in three sets. The challenge ended in just under three hours with the number one who closed the match with the result of 7-6; 7-5; 7-5.

All three sets were very close and the reality is that Denis did not take advantage of the different opportunities during the match, he served for the set in the first set where he made several mistakes and gave in to emotion while in the other two sets he had so many breakpoints, with precision he used only one breakpoint out of 11 available.

At the press conference Nole tried to analyze the race by explaining in general how it went with the young Canadian. Speaking of the precedents and yesterday's challenge Novak made the following statements: "I've never lost against him, but in the last few games we have been really close.

It was three very tight sets and I think he was the best player in the first two sets, in fact he also served for the first set. He has had many opportunities but has not been able to take advantage of them when it was necessary, on this surface it is much harder to face him, he has one of the best services on the circuit and can annoy anyone.

You can see that he has matured as a player, he is more patient than last year and is understanding how to build points. Unfortunately for him he was lacking in the decisive points and I managed to get him wrong, I won in three sets but it was really hard.

At the end of the match I told him that he played a fantastic tournament, that he had to believe in himself because in the future he would have other great opportunities."

Novak Djokovic turned 34 this year

Novak Djokovic is just one match away from winning his 20th Grand Slam title and equalling Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal's all-time record.

And many believe the Serb could go well past their tallies by the time he calls it a day. "I'm going to say Roger Federer’s never going to win another one," John McEnroe said. "I think Rafael Nadal wins one more and Novak Djokovic is going to win four of five more, that's my prediction.

Obviously it depends on health and fitness but that's my prediction." Mats Wilander, also a seven-time Major champion, claimed Novak Djokovic could win the next two Majors as well as the Olympics gold medal to complete the Calendar Slam.

"Novak just doesn’t look 34, he looks mid-20s, he’s flying around the court," Wilander said. "I'm with John on Federer and Nadal. But something could happen with Novak, you never know."