Will Novak Djokovic skip the Olympics like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer? 'It's 50-50'

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Will Novak Djokovic skip the Olympics like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer? 'It's 50-50'

World no. 1 Novak Djokovic has won the season's most notable tournaments in Melbourne, Paris and London to write history books. Novak became the first player since Rod Laver in 1969 to have conquered the first three Majors, seeking the calendar Grand Slam in New York in September.

Alongside that feat, Novak is the top favorite to claim the first Olympic singles gold medal and complete a potential Golden Slam, achieved only by Steffi Graf in 1988! Asked about the Olympic Games after conquering Wimbledon, Novak said that he needs more time to decide about Tokyo.

The Serb wasn't happy about all the restrictions that wait for the athletes in Tokyo, and he should make a decision in the next three or four days.

Novak Djokovic is not sure about playing the Tokyo Olympics or not.

Also, the US Open should be Novak's primary goal by the end of the season, and we should see if he would risk anything in Tokyo and chase the title he is missing in his collection.

Djokovic has won 34 out of 37 matches this year, winning all three Majors to join Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on 20 crowns. Heading to Wimbledon as the top favorite after that brilliant Roland Garros run, Djokovic secured the sixth All England Club trophy in the past ten editions.

Playing well above his rivals, Novak toppled Denis Shapovalov and Matteo Berrettini to emerge at the top and extend his dominance at the most prominent events in the last couple of years. "Yeah, the news is not great.

I received that news yesterday or two days ago, and that was really disappointing to hear. I also hear that there are going to be a lot of restrictions within the Olympic Village. Possibly you would not be able to see other athletes perform live.

I can't even have my stringer, which is an essential part of my team. I can't have a stringer, and I'm limited with the number of people I can take with me to Tokyo. I'll have to think about it. As I said, my plan was always to go to Olympic Games, but right now, I'm a little bit divided. It's kind of 50/50 because of what I heard in the last couple of days," Novak Djokovic said.