'History will mark Novak Djokovic', says former Top 5

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'History will mark Novak Djokovic', says former Top 5

Novak Djokovic claimed his sixth Wimbledon Championship this year, and the Duchess of Cambridge presented him with the trophy. The tradition of the British royal family being present at the Wimbledon final has been going on for years.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, even had a chat with the men's singles winner. Djokovic beat Italian Matteo Berrettini in four sets and won his 20th Grand Slam. The Serbs will mainly be heading to the Tokyo Olympics which begin later this month.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton presents the winners trophy at the Wimbledon Championships. The Duchess had initially been in contact with a person who tested positive for the coronavirus. However, she later tested negative, after a period of self-isolation and was able to present the trophy to the winners.

Djokovic had a brief chat with Kate Middleton, when she entered the membership section at the All England Club. The two talked about how important it is to bring Wimbledon back on tour. As a result of her talk, the Duchess also spoke about her own tennis game.

"It was especially difficult this year because you haven't had a family here, a limited team and the bubbles," Kate Middleton said as she asked him a few questions. "Yes, you try to make the most of it, but I think we are all grateful here today for being able to play and being able to play the biggest tournament in the world," Djokovic replied diplomatically in his tone.

Djokovic even joked with the Duchess of Cambridge and asked about her tennis skills. "How is your tennis?" Djokovic asked jokingly. Kate Middleton was humble enough to please the player with her response. “Every time we put on a tennis team, the kids are there wanting to join in, which is really cool,” said the Duchess.

Clerc talks about Novak Djokovic

Against that background, former World No. 4 Jose Luis Clerc recently weighed in on the GOAT debate, claiming that Novak Djokovic is the most likely of the Big 3 to add multiple Slams to his tally.

"The best is going to be the one with the most Grand Slam tournaments won," Clerc was quoted as telling ESPN by Punto de Break. "At Wimbledon, we were all waiting for Djokovic to be consecrated so that the Big 3 are on par with 20 titles.

I don't think Roger will get another Slam, possibly Rafa yes, but the one with the best chances (of winning) three or four more is Djokovic," he added. Jose Luis Clerc hailed Djokovic for his ability to thrive under pressure.

The Argentine pointed out that yoga and visualization were the keys to the Serb's success. "Faced with adversity is when he plays best. He does a lot of yoga and visualization work, a fact that is fundamental for a sport as individual as tennis," Clerc said.

"Every day I understand it more. What the three of them do is historic, but history will mark Novak Djokovic."