WTA PRAGUE: Mona Barthel's super come-back, for her fourth career title!

Tennis - German player defeated Krystina Pliskova in three sets ..

by Lorenzo Ciotti
WTA PRAGUE: Mona Barthel's super come-back, for her fourth career title!

Mona Barthel is the new champion of the Sparta Prague Open, WTA International played this week in Prague. German player has defeated Krystina Pliskova in three sets, with the final score of 2-6 7-5 6-2. The home-crowd hero started well the challenge, forcing immediately the service of her opponent, in the first game.

Kristyna confirmed the break in the following game, despite the German went on 40-40, thus leading 2-0. In the two subsequent games, the two tennis players were able to keep their services, thanks to their best fundamentals: service and forehand for Pliskova, service and baseline game for Barthel.

On the score of 3-1, Pliskova forced for the second time the German's service, tooke advantage of some uncertainty of her opponent, and flying on 4-1. In the sixth game, Barthel was able to recover one of two breaks (2-4), also thanks to an unforced error of the Czech player, but she missed the partial on her service, after a bad turn, and Pliskova found herself again ahead of two breaks, for 5-2.

Krystina was able to close the first set with the score of 6-2, after a partial well played by the Czech. In the second set, the first four games slipped off in a very balanced way, with the score on 2-2, and then on 3-3. Balance remained for the first six games, but the sparty of the set came only in the seventh, when Pliskova was once again able to force Barthel's service.

Still bad the German during her game of service, with some error and some uncertainty. However, Barthel, in the following game, recovered the break after a great performance in response. After a tricky tenth game, in which Pliskova saved set-point, the German closed the set with the final score of 7-5, after a great come back.

The first two games of the third set were complicated for Pliskova. In the first, she was ahead 40-0, but she was recovered by her opponent. In the second she had to face break points. Barthel then forced her opponent's service into the fourth and sixth game, going on 5-1.

Pliskova slid like snow in the sun, granted an incredible series of errors to her opponent, after a convincing match start. The German was able to close the set and the match for 6-2 For Barthel, this is the fourth career title in seven finals played, the first title since July 2014.

Mona Barthel