Best "Tennis At Home" videos: Novak Djokovic, Fabio Fognini, Brad Gilbert, more

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Best "Tennis At Home" videos: Novak Djokovic, Fabio Fognini, Brad Gilbert, more

“Day 15 of quarantine, and I’ve started talking to my oven. People will ask why the oven and not the TV, and I’ll say that the TV and I have been having conversation for over a week now”. Who can relate to this quote? Let me tell you, there’s an even most relatable one out there, and it comes from Sloane Stephens:

Yes, Sloane, us too.

But to keep the situation from getting even more out of control than it already is, we better all stay home and follow precautions. Yet… Who said that staying home and playing tennis are not compatible feats? Many have proved that it is possible.

In fact, the #TennisAtHome tag has been brightening tennis Twitter ever since the Tours were suspended, and here we bring you the most creative and funniest videos we’ve found while surfing the app.

Translation: “Djokovic, World No.

1 even with a pan”.

Blending tennis and house chores together is a very good idea.

No distance or obstacle can stop the love for tennis. As we said...

Lloyd Harris brought this to a whole new level.

(Please do not try this at home.)

In absence of a concrete wall, a tennis table is perfectly functional.

But a good ol’ wall is pretty helpful anyway. Sometimes, the creativity shows not in your “opponent”, but in the net you use… Tommy Haas’ is a couch.

And Fabio Fognini´s is a drying rack.

The public has invaded the court!

Brad Gilbert went to the beach to, of course, play tennis. I’d always thought this drill would be easier on a smaller court but… Doesn’t look so.

Mirages in the desert look like oasis… For tennis fans during quarantine, anything can sound like a tennis match.

Is a description of this obvious choice even needed?