More Spin, Less effort: Spin Gen

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More Spin, Less effort: Spin Gen

The modern game of tennis is dominated by the amount of spin that players can impart to the ball. Creating more topspin allows players to hit the ball harder while still keeping the ball in control. Teninova has developed a product, SpinGen, to enhance string performance on a tennis racket.

In just five minutes anyone can treat their strings to generate more spin and achieve greater control over the ball. Despite the importance of spin, until recently it was not well understood how spin is generated. A 10,000-frame-per-second high speed camera has shown that spin is generated by the slide and snap back movement of the main strings on the racket.

SpinGen works by roughening the top surface of the main strings only where it is needed - where the string touches the tennis ball. The main strings can then grasp the tennis ball better. Underneath, the smoother inter-string surfaces allow strings to slide freely.

This ensures that the main strings can slide and snap back efficiently for spin generation. Many string manufacturers make shaped/profiled strings as well as textured/rough strings that can grasp the ball well when they are new.

However, they become smooth quickly on the racket sweet spot after only a few hours of play and are no longer effective in spin generation. With SpinGen, you can revive the strings to make them effective again for spin generation.

Besides reviving the shaped and textured tennis strings, SpinGen can also be used to roughen traditional round and smooth strings, such as the popular Luxilon Alu Power string. By roughening only the top surface of the main strings, SpinGen can make your stringbed ideal for spin generation.

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