Venus Williams:"Many people don’t see me as anything else than an athelete"

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Venus Williams:"Many people don’t see me as anything else than an athelete"

If you thought that life for professional tennis players was hard, be prepared to hear about professional player-slash-entrepreneur-slash-brand founder Venus Williams’ daily routine. In an interview to Modern Luxury Palm Beach, the four-time Olympic gold medalist took a break from on-the-court talk to focus more on her office job.

“Though I’m not a morning person, I get up early and am on the court for two to three hours. After that, I do some cardio and then gym training. Training is part of my job. If it’s a weekday, after my training, I head straight to the office for work and meetings.

[...] We work hard and we learn from our losses. Because just like on the court, your losses teach you how to win." “I love being busy and creative. I love a challenge,” Williams confessed. Looks like she loves more than one challenge, though.

Winner of 22 Grand Slams and founder of the largest activewear brand ever launched by a female athlete (EleVen), Williams directs her own design firm, VStarr Interiors, and has recently joined the Asutra wellness line’s team.

However, getting her businesses started was not immediately easy. “One of the toughest barriers I’ve faced is that many people see me as an athlete, and they don’t see me as anything else. At the end of the day, everyone has more than one ability.

I’ve always wanted to do things off the court because, at some point, I will retire young”. Famous for her power and aggressivity on the court, the eldest Williams apparently harbors a different attitude at work, “I think I’m probably nice [as a boss].

[laughs] I try to return my emails the same day. It’s important that I am responsive, and give feedback and direction. I also see our culture as one of fun and accountability." "I also love to deliver on my word," Williams added.

"My mom taught me from an early age to keep my word. It’s important for us to deliver on time, on budget and what we promised from a design standpoint. We always do that."