Eugenie Bouchard defends Nick Kyrgios on social media

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Eugenie Bouchard defends Nick Kyrgios on social media

Social media went wild after the Rafael Nadal vs. Nick Kyrgios clash in Wimbledon on Thursday. Comments and headlines featured quotes from the players about each other, mid-match reactions circulated on Twitter, gifs of surprising and shocking moments were ever present… But a tiny corner of the Internet was reserved to Eugenie Bouchard’s appearance in the Australian’s box.

“Is that Genie Bouchard in Kyrgios's box laughing at that underarm serve? Lost all respect for her,” twitted user Punit. While some fans were sceptical about how much of an impact this declaration would have on the WTA No.

78, the Canadian player actually fired back by stating her opinion about the moment, “Ummmm he won the point.... (!!!) Underarm serves aren’t against the rules. It’s a tactic. Anything to win the point”.

The exchange could have ended here -- with a good part of the public sharing Bouchard’s point of view -- but another user picked the thread up. “Not against the rules BUT shows no respect or class of any kind!” Said Jose Cuervo.

“I'm an Aussie and we are ashamed!” This proved to be totally contrary to the 25-year-old’s take, as she replied once more, “It has nothing to do with lack of respect. It’s literally just a different way to hit a serve”.

Bouchard and Kyrgios have played doubles together on several occasions, and the former World No. 5 is a known supporter of the Aussie. ‘It’s either you hate or you love,’ is a quote that could very easily describe the general public’s opinion, as only few would place it in the grey area of indifference or irrelevance.

While the debate is heated between insiders to fully analyze the why and how of such ways, Nick Lester reported on twitter that he heard a young fan -- walking off the grounds after the match -- saying, “He [Kyrgios] hit an underarm serve and it was the best thing I’ve ever seen”.