Cori Gauff's unbelieving reaction to favorite celebrity's compliment

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Cori Gauff's unbelieving reaction to favorite celebrity's compliment

Remember Cori Gauff? Of course. Even eventual under-rock inhabitants do. Surprising the world by earning her place among the 16 best ladies players at Wimbledon at only 15 years old, the American is quickly climbing up the mountain of popularity -- as reported by Ben Rothenberg on Twitter, her Instagram fans have increased by 2700% over the week, as she went from 3,000 followers to more than 80,000 since Monday.

Her match against Paula Hercog is stated as the most-viewed match on BBC since the beginning of The Championships, ranked even above the much anticipated Rafael Nadal-Nick Kyrgios clash from last Thursday. Her previous two matches, against five-time Wimbledon champion Venus Williams and former World No.

17 Magdalena Rybarikova, were streamed on the English channel to more than 2.1 and 2.4 million spectators respectively. Yeah, just that. The second youngest player of the Open Era to reach Wimbledon’s fourth round -- after Steffi Graf in 1984 --, there are many things to highlight about Gauff.

From her great maturity to her incredible mental strength -- she saved two match points against Hercog to snatch her third back-to-back main-draw win in three sets --, the World No. 139 (in live rankings) displays an incredible list of crucial tools and assets required in the world of tennis professionalism.

Yet, buried under layers and layers of these adult-attributed qualities, “Coco” is still a teenager; with teenager dreams and energy revolving in her mind, but also teenager spirit, passion, tastes, and excitement.

“Jaden [Smith] just tweeted me,” the rising star giddily announced during an Instagram live, giggling and her voice hushed in that positively-unbelieving tone. “This is crazy. He said ‘Coco go! You’re the one!’.

” The singer’s social media message came in response to one of Gauff’s answers during her most recent post-match press conference. When asked about what excited her more -- winning against Hercog or Jaden Smith’s new album--, the 15-year-old laughed and answered, “Both.

I was super happy because his album came out. It’s been long anticipated, at least for me”. Centering back on tennis, Gauff has a difficult obstacle looming in her track. She will have to defeat Simona Halep for the chance to play the quarterfinals in Wimbledon.