Judy Murray:'Whether Nick Kyrgios can change or not is entirely up to him'

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Judy Murray:'Whether Nick Kyrgios can change or not is entirely up to him'

Judy Murray, tennis Mum and personality, has shared some varied information and anecdotes with her fans during an initiative organized by the David Lloyd Clubs’ Twitter account. The Q&A which took place on July 13, sparked an empathic comment from Andy and Jamie’s mother.

Mrs Murray talked about the polemic-raising Australian star Nick Kyrgios, answering a question about how much patience the tennis world should have with the ATP No. 47. “He has enormous talent but struggles with consistency of attitude which affects the consistency of performance,” Mrs Murray said, fitting her answer to the fan’s remark that Kyrgios’ behaviour ‘is such a turnoff.

Just doesn't seem respectful of the sport.’ Yet, the English Tennis Mum doesn’t consider the 24-year-old as a lost cause. “Whether he can change or not is entirely up to him,” she added. This is not the first time that Judy Murray shares her point of view of this topic on social media.

Previously, notably after Kyrgios’ performance against Laslo Djere at the Miami Master 100, she had written, “The underarm serve. The whole point of tennis competition is to disrupt ur opponents game by applying pressure through changing the speed, spin, direction, depth or height of the ball.

And that includes the serve. Kyrgios is a genius. I’m surprised more players don’t do it. Not many people understand genius or know what to do with it so they try to get a genius to conform to something they do understand.

Kyrgios has uncanny instinct +vision. He’s unpredictable + has phenomenal creativity + hand skills. Yes, he’s mentally inconsistent but he’s a genius”.