Kristie Ahn's brilliant response to cyber hate

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Kristie Ahn's brilliant response to cyber hate

World No. 180 Kristie Ahn shared on July 19th how she reacted to an online hate message. Her actions sparked a trail of approval from the tennis community on Twitter, and doubtlessly handled the case with class and justice. The 27-year-old was called “a nasty troll” by a random man, who also told her that she should “quit tennis”.

In response, the American “looked thru his profile,” as she communicated to her fans, and “saw his sister tagged in a pic”. The tennis player proceeded to forward the written abuse to the other woman, followed by this message, “Hi there!

You don’t know me and I don’t know you… I saw you in [cyber hater]’s profile and thought I’d send you a message! Just thought you / your family should know that he’s been betting on sports matches, and been sending not so nice messages to the athletes, myself included.

Sorry to burden you, please feel free to disregard, just thought as a fellow female, you might be able to talk to him. Hope you have a lovely day!” The answer proved quite satisfying, “Hey there, thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!

I’m going to see him this weekend and will talk to him because that is absolutely not okay. What he does on his own time is his prerogative but that is completely unacceptable of him to be speaking to someone that way.

I am incredibly sorry! Keep killin’ it girl!” Ahn is currently playing the ITF USA 21A, where she has reached the singles and doubles semifinals.