Eugenie Bouchard accepts to go on a date with a fan "for charity"

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Eugenie Bouchard accepts to go on a date with a fan "for charity"

During an Instagram Live organized with Allie LaForce for “a good cause”, Eugenie Bouchard received a rather peculiar offer.

As the two women were conversing, Bouchard let slip that she is feeling "super alone" during the isolation period, a statement that rejoined a tweet that she’d posted some days sooner (and which had got her inbox swarmed by hopeful suitors).

Meanwhile, some comments attracted LaForce’s attention. According to The Sun, Youtuber and comedian Bob Menery was showering the Live with comments professing his love for the Canadian, and one in particular stood out: Menery asked Bouchard if she would agree going on a date with him if, in exchange, he gave £400 for hospital workers in these times of health crisis.

LaForce, seeing an opportunity either to tease or to do a good deed, asked him to increase his offer to £2410, to feed hospital staff. Surprisingly, both Menery and Bouchard agreed, with the former going even further: he would give an additional £800 if the former World No.

5 accepted to order her food with a British accent during the date, and £1200 more if she agreed to a virtual date before - as the current isolation rules are preventing them from meeting in person. Bouchard was “highly uncomfortable” (apparently she doesn’t like imitating accents) but resolved to accept the deal “because it’s for charity”.

Menery later posted some 'reminders' for the Canadian on his Instagram account, where he has over 2.5 million followers.

A fan!!?!?!!

๐Ÿ˜‚ First date @bwwings ? ๐Ÿ˜‚ roar!!!!Alright. It’s official @geniebouchard excited.

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This is not the first time that the Canadian accepts a date through social media.

As it was widely covered, she lost a bet in 2017 that led her to accept a fan’s request to go out with him.