PTCA is impacting the coaching market

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PTCA is impacting the coaching market

Since the start, some other associations with similar names have emerged. However, PTCA considers this a positive development for the coaching market. Furthermore, we see that ITF, WTA, and ATP are making efforts for the coaches and their internal programs.

All of this is motivating us to continue our work towards better recognition for tennis coaches. Accreditations versus certifications Certifications and diplomas are well known in tennis. However, courses are mostly short and there is no real quality assessment of different courses, educators, and programs.

No governing body is issuing professional accreditations to tennis coaches. Thus, PTCA has taken on the role to support and advocate education internationally. The PTCA accreditation program does not aim to harmonize national educational systems but rather to provide tools to connect and recognize them.

The intention is to allow the diversity of national and private systems to be maintained, specialized, and improved. PTCA urges to improve transparency between different education systems, as well as implements tools to facilitate recognition of professional qualifications, exchanges, and professional recognition between institutions.

Therefore, PTCA issues Professional Tennis Coaching Accreditations based on tennis courses (private or associations), life experience, playing experience, university degrees, and much more. The impact of an accreditation Accreditation is more than a title, more than a degree.

It is a commitment to continuous improvement leading to opportunities for providing better coaching. For some coaches, the idea of accreditation may seem like a bureaucratic hurdle. After years of experience, a lot of time spent in an academy, association, and/or at the tour, achieving required results with different players, undergoing an accreditation process may seem redundant or unnecessary.

But coaches’ accreditation is much more than a "nice-to-have." As an accredited coach, you'll enjoy 2 distinct advantages over non-accredited coaches: fewer hassles when applying for employment
a chance to be recognized for your expertise The accreditation process The path to accreditation begins primarily on your first day when you start to play tennis and secondary when you take the first coaching course with a conscious commitment to learning the essentials of coaching.

Once accredited (nationally or internationally), you will follow a continuing lifelong process of learning necessary to provide the high-quality coaching that all athletes deserve. What are the benefits? 1. Coaches benefit because they receive focused learning based on individual practice needs, increase efficiency and reduce malpractice premiums as well as the need for duplicate assessments of credentials, among other benefits.

2. Athletes experience fewer coaching errors, better communication, and quality outcomes when they choose an accredited coach. 3. Accredited coaches use the most current experienced-based guidelines and standards in their daily work and are widely recognized as leaders in the national movement for tennis coaches' quality.

Feel free to apply for your professional tennis coach accreditation and become a PTCA accredited Tennis Professional ( Hakan Dahlbo President – PTCA Email; [email protected]