Dramatic finals at the MyStaff WTP Masters Cup by BauFi Direkt

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Dramatic finals at the MyStaff WTP Masters Cup by BauFi Direkt

Once a player has to advance from junior to transition player, WTP is a great, financially optimized alternative to get matches against more experienced players. In fact, in Salzburg, all players received hospitality as long as they were in the draw.

WTP events utilize a 2-3 day elimination draw format (depending on draw size). This experience will encourage players with limited time perspectives, financial resources, and school burdons to participate. Therefore, one of the best ways to support aspiring players is to offer tournaments with the possibility to earn some money.

On Thursday the 2nd of June 2022, another great tournament was finished in Anif Salzburg, Austria. Thank you to all the WTP players and the great organisation team around Günther Schwarzl in Anif Salzburg and, of course, our partners MyStaff, BauFi Direkt, and GM Sports.

It was a pleasure to see many new faces challenging the experienced professionals. This was actually the first edition to feature three Salzburger players in the finals; Bernd Kössler, Jacob Aichhorn, and Bettina Stummer all made it to the finals.

In the ladies' final, Zuzana Zlochova could win the MyStaff Masters Cup by BauFi Direkt 2022 against the amazing 39-year old fighter Bettina Stummer. Stummer really pushed Zlochova to her limits and forced her to play her best tennis.

Zlochova eventually won 6-4, 1-6, 6-2 in a thrilling match. The men‘s final was very exciting. However, it ended tragically for Jacob Aichhorn, who twisted his ankle in a trial to reach an unreachable volley from Bernd Kössler.

The two teammates delivered a fight that was worthwhile. Intensity, skills, and adrenalin were really all over the place until Aichhorn had to break the match at 6-4, 6-6. Congratulations to the winners, Bernd Kössler (euro 2250) and Zuzana Zlochova (euro 1750), and we hope to see you again at another future WTP event!

Kössler and Zlochova earned direct entries into all other WTP Masters Cups in 2022, including the WTP Champions Trophy in December 2022 in Seefeld, Tirol. The next WTP event will be in Kiel, Germany, August 8th–10th, 2022! Check out our app, WTP Tour, for more information!