WTP Tour: 30 years Metzger Open – the best is still to come

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WTP Tour: 30 years Metzger Open – the best is still to come

It was by default when Mathias Craig assumed the role of tournament director of the PA State Clay Court Open Championships in 1990. His plan was to restore this elite Middle States Tennis Association tournament to its glory days when it was formed in 1939.

After almost 50 years a change to a prize money event was made in 1990. A few years later, in memorial to Bill Metzger, the tournament was renamed the William H Metzger PA State Clay Court Open. In 1993 the central Pennsylvania tennis fan base, along with the many friends of the Metzger family, increased the donation pool.

That was the beginning of the current Metzger Open #1. In 2019 the visionary tournament director Craig Mathias attached the Metzger Open to the international WTP Tour. The WTP Tour is a combined international ranking program for national tournaments.

The cooperation between Metzger Open (MO) and the WTP Tour is a further step in Mathias Craig convincing commitment to improving the Metzger Open. The vision is to expand cross-border events, to support the players' ability to perform and achieve financial stability.

The aim of the cooperation is to work methodically and long-term in planned internationally integrated competition concepts to provide a strong common base for players to develop within. The players participating in the Metzger Open have many greats to look up to.

Jimmy Arias, a former top 5 world-ranked player played 11 times, winning 7 (still a record), and through Arias a network to former ATP players was established: Tim Wilkison, Luke and Murphy Jensen, Jeff Tarango, Richie Reneberg, Rick Leach, Tim Mayotte, Dick Stockton, Nathan Healey, and 6-time champion Jesse Witten.

The Metzger Open that has prize money comparable to an ATP Challenger Tour event is supported by M&T Bank - a sponsorship that continues into its second decade. Furthermore, the new rewarding relationship between MO and the PA Breast Cancer Coalition which is the MO charity continues for the second year.

This year’s big hitters (sponsors) are Tom and Colleen Weber, Ryan and Hollis Mellinger (Prime Transfer, Inc.), Wilsbach Distributors (the banners and beer), William Black DMD, Sharon Rothenberger (Sponsorship Chair), Justin Nye and Alex Golub DMD (Nye-Golub Rentals), Vuyani and Richelin Mekile, Lamar Advertising (Andy Rebuck), Jay Nissley (Single Point Sourcing - the programs) and for the 30th consecutive year, Marty Lane.

Through the exciting collaboration between Metzger Open and WTP Tour, great new opportunities will be created for players as well as coaches all over the world. Welcome to follow the Metzger Open 2022 on metzger-open.com!