WTP Tour: ESTESS Schleswig-Holstein Tour by WTP started


WTP Tour:  ESTESS Schleswig-Holstein Tour by WTP started

The tournament is the first of three in six weeks. The entire tour in Schleswig-Holstein is endowed with 15.000 euros. The first two tournaments in Kronshagen and Ahrensburg, so-called WTP Open tournaments, are qualifying tournaments for the Masters in Kiel on August 8th-10th (€10,000).

The first tournament directly showed that the tour is a big opportunity for young and upcoming players. Two of the four finalists in Kronshagen were under the age of 18 and could now benefit from good matches, prize money, and international WTP points.

The 17-year-old Anna-Marie Weißheim won the final against the only 15-year-old Philippa Färber 7-5, 6-1. The men's was won by 21-year-old Lewie Lane, who is making an incredible comeback this summer after eight months out through injury.

Lewie won the final against Florian Barth with 6-2, 6-2. Remarkably, he has won all tournaments he has played so far this summer including his team matches. The WTP Tour by PTCA in Schleswig-Holstein started 2019. Many young players have competed in idyllic Schleswig-Holstein over the last four years and the tour has received more recognition year after year - nationally and internationally.

In fact, even players from Eastern Europe, the UK, Sweden, and Austria have found their way to Schleswig-Holstein, the northern federal state of Germany.

The tournaments are equally beneficial for both young regional players as well as for the more experienced ones.

Playing different opponents at an international level is the most important thing, says Johan Hurtigh who is responsible for the Schleswig-Holstein Tour.

On 01.-03.08. the tour continues in Ahrensburg near Hamburg with "BauFi Direct Open".

The WTP Masters in Kiel follows a week later. WTP - get your combined world ranking!

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