PTCA is launching University degrees for tennis coaches and players

In 2011 PTCA was founded in Paris during the French Open. One of the aims was to connect coaches, evaluate different education systems, and advocate the status of the tennis coach profession.

by Hakan Dahlbo
PTCA is launching University degrees for tennis coaches and players

Every nation has its values and education systems. However, PTCA claims to be the advocate for professional tennis coaches and the international tennis coaching education pathway. Therefore, PTCA has joined forces with a state-approved and UNESCO-listed University to offer evaluation credits for tennis coaches.

That means that recognized and accredited PTCA providers in tennis coaching will be able to distribute University Transfer Credits (UTC). Those UTCs will be collected in an education evaluation basket that may lead to bachelor, master, and doctor of education in sports coaching (specializing in tennis).

The education standards are following regular University rules and regulations. The University is listed in the WHED World Higher Education Database, the International Association of Universities, and the International Handbook of the official directory of recognized universities.

The collaboration includes multiple degree programs in tennis education and tennis management. The objective of this international program is to offer flexible and country-specific individualized degree opportunities to busy tennis coaching and playing professionals through regional on-campus courses and long-distance education.

This initiative is a breakthrough for the tennis coaching profession. Many coaches have a University degree, but most haven't. Some countries are very developed, and the coaches have an outstanding possibility to interact with their universities.

Nevertheless, all coaches around the globe should have the same opportunity, and the coaches and players must be able to create the curriculum for education in our sport. The fundament of tennis coaches' status is to give each coach, independent of their national situation, a possibility to improve and study at an academic level.

Tennis is a global sport. Therefore, our challenge is to open the doors for all coaches, but also players that are future coaches. It is also urgent to recognize and evaluate well-known coaching programs as well as previous life- and playing experience.

This article is mainly a pre-information. Currently, all programs are discussed. Therefore, we are not mentioning any specific details. More information will follow soon!

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