Table-Tennis Champion Werner Schlager and the "Champions Principle" in Seefeld

With great pleasure, we invite you to participate in the PTCA International Symposium on the „champion principle”.

by Hakan Dahlbo
Table-Tennis Champion Werner Schlager and the "Champions Principle" in Seefeld

The great Table-Tennis World Champion Werner Schlager (2003), and the well-known tennis journalist, mental expert, and performance expert coach Andreas Du-Rieux will reflect on and discuss the "secrets of a champion". The seminar will be held in Seefeld-Tyrol, Austria December 20th, 2022.

The symposium concept is based on 1-day. Seefeld and the beautiful Sport- and Congress Center Seefeld (Sport- und Kongresszentrum Seefeld) has once more been chosen as the venue for this symposium and will serve as the ultimate setting for the seminar.

  • Presentation Werner Schlager
Schlager began playing table tennis when he was six years old. He was widely renowned for his immense skill in service and receiving. His serving has been admired and praised by the likes of Liu Guoliang.

In an interview, after being asked about how he creates his serves, he responded ''I dream about them'' His answer to the question of why he became so successful is legendary: "I can tell you the secret for my World Championship title in the year 2003.

I was in love and you know this also opens many many doors and makes many things possible." Among other things, Werner Schlager will discuss the reactive aspects that are also present in tennis and explain how he has programmed automatisms with the respective promising execution options to then call them up intuitively in competitions at the highest level.

He also shows that the key to top performance can be found in honest self-reflection and harmonious emotion management.

  • Presentation Andreas Du-Rieux
Mental expert and performance coach Andreas Du-Rieux comes to the PTCA seminar to shed light on the mental side at the world-class level.

Under the motto Learning from the Best, the TV presenter has specialized in recent years in investigating what distinguishes the very best from their competitors and how they can assert themselves even on moderate days and live up to their legendary status.

In long conversations with top stars such as Niki Lauda, ​​Lindsey Vonn, Hana Krankl, Thomas Muster, Anna Gasser or Markus Rogan as well as various other Olympic and world champions, he is in the process of publishing the quintessence and strategies for success as an author within the framework of his so-called "champion principle".

At this seminar Du-Rieux and Werner Schlager are discussing and presenting their view on the “champion principle”. Accordingly, after a live talk between the two, there is a podium discussion at our congress to address individual questions from the participants.

  • Presentation Johan Brolenius
The Swede Johan Brolenius was a world-class skier and a specialized slalom coach for the Swedish national team. However, somehow he couldn´t take the last steps winning whether the World Championship or Olympic Gold.

Brolenius started his career in FIS races. The Swede earned his first World Cup points in the slalom in Kranjska Gora in 1999 when he was 20. He achieved his first top 10 placement in the 2000 Chamonix slalom with ninth place.

His best World Cup result was fifth place in the Zagreb slalom on January 9, 2009. His only non-slalom top-10 finish was in the 2004 combined event in Chamonix. He attended in the 2006 Olympic Games in Turin and finished eighth in the slalom and 18th in the combined races in Sestriere.

In 1999 and 2002 he was the Swedish champion in slalom. He has been working as a technical trainer for the Swedish Ski Association. Johan will be a part of our Round Table and Open Talk to discuss his view of the difference between the Champions that he competed against in comparison to himself and other great athletes.

  • Program
  • 2.30 PM: Introduction to the Topic- Hakan Dahlbo
  • 2.45 PM: The ”Champion Principal” – Introduction Andreas Du-Rieux
  • 3 PM-4 PM: Introduction of Werner Schlager following the “Champions-Talk” Werner Schlager/Andreas Du-Rieux
  • 4.15PM: Round Table: Werner Schlager/Andreas Du-Rieux, Hakan Dahlbo/ Johan Brolenius
  • 5PM - Open End: Open Talk - including audience, Werner Schlager/Andreas Du-Rieux, Hakan Dahlbo/ Johan Brolenius
  • REGISTRATION PROCESS: Info: [email protected]
We look forward to welcoming you to Seefeld!