WTP Tour: Pichler rocks Flensburg

David Pichler, an Austrian tennis player, emerged as the first champion of the inaugural "WTP Champions Trophy by BauFi Direkt und WeGo" held in Flensburg.

by Hakan Dahlbo
WTP Tour: Pichler rocks Flensburg

The tournament lasted for two intense days of competition, and Pichler secured an impressive victory with a scoreline of 6-1, 6-1 against German player Lenn Lümkemann in the final. Pichler, who was ranked 516th in the world at the time, demonstrated exceptional performance throughout the tournament.

He began the competition on a strong note with a 6-0, 6-1 win on the first day after arriving from Italy. In the semifinals, he faced little resistance as his opponent Jeremy Hildebrandt had to retire due to injury, allowing Pichler to advance to the final.

In the final match, Pichler's dominance continued as he always had the upper hand with better solutions. Nonetheless, Lenn Lümkemann, the runner-up, also displayed excellent tennis throughout the tournament, making short work of his opponents, including Denmark's 15th-ranked player, Yakup Uzunel.

The tournament was organized by ESTESS Kiel, and it lived up to all expectations. Thanks to a collaboration with an ITF tournament in Vejle, six nations were represented, and the partnershipbetween Germany and Denmark was taken to a new level in the realm of sports.

The collaboration with Denmark paved the way for future partnerships and fulfilled the WTP´s goal: providing optimal support to professional and upcoming players. These short tournaments allow players to gain valuable match practice and earn prize money between ITF tournaments, helping them progress towards qualifying for the next ITF event.

Such international match experience plays a vital role in improving their skills and making progress towards the professional tours. The WTP (World Tennis Professionals) also aims to support young players and provide them with opportunities to showcase their talents on the international stage.

Talent, dedication, and motivation among young players are always commendable, and supporting them is essential for their future development. The organizers expressed their gratitude to Flensburg Tennisclub for their cooperation, hospitality, and kindness.

They also acknowledged the main sponsors BauFi Direkt, represented by Willi Schikora, and WeGo Ingenieure & Partner, along with all other partners who supported the tournament and the WTP Champions Trophy in Flensburg 2023.

  • For detailed results of the tournament, please visit the website wtptennis.net.

David Pichler