'Rafael Nadal says he heard a voice in his head telling...', says huge star

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'Rafael Nadal says he heard a voice in his head telling...', says huge star

Washington, D.C. fans will celebrate the return of the Citi Open out loud next month after Thursday's announcement that the tournament will be held at 100% grandstand capacity. After last year's event was canceled due to the pandemic, MDE Sports was also pleased to announce that the tournament would pay full prize.

The ATP 500 tennis tournament will be held from July 31 to August 8 at the Rock Creek Park Tennis Center. The announcement comes after the National Park Service (NPS), which manages Rock Creek Park, issued updated guidelines to enable full capacity for fans of the Citi Open.

"We are delighted to be able to invite fans to Rock Creek Park at full capacity," said Mark Ein, President of the Citi Open and CEO of MDE Tennis. “This is an exciting development, not just for tennis fans, but for all of DC.

We are grateful to the National Park Service for their long association with the event and for enabling full capacity for the 2021 Citi Open”. The development has also allowed the organizers to recoup the total prize money of the tournament.

To run the event at the initial 50 percent fan capacity limit, the players agreed to a 40 percent pay reduction. The news follows the recent announcement that Rafael Nadal will participate in the 2021 Citi Open. With fan attendance originally restricted to 50 percent capacity, tickets were already substantially sold out prior to the announcement of Nadal's engagement.

Mahrez talks about Rafael Nadal

Manchester City star Riyad Mahrez recently used the example of Rafael Nadal to explain why it is important to keep pushing yourself to win in sport. "There is constant questioning in football," Mahrez said.

"We saw it with Mbappé. He won the World Cup three years ago. Then (Euros 2020) he missed the penalty. Everyone has fallen on him. Everything you did yesterday they don't care it is the past. You have to look ahead." According to Mahrez, the Spaniard is a true "champion" because of his relentless desire to keep winning.

"When you win, next year you have to come back and try to win again. It's the right mindset," added Mahrez. "And those who have it are very successful. It's like Nadal. Once, he had won Roland Garros 11 times and he was losing in the final of another tournament.

He says he heard a voice in his head telling him 'it's good Rafa, you've already won 11. Well he, no, he continues, he will try, even if he is injured, he pushes and he wins. And that's the real champion. When you win, you have to win again otherwise people will say that we are finished. You have to surpass yourself all the time."