'It is not easy for Rafael Nadal', says top coach

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'It is not easy for Rafael Nadal', says top coach

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games continue to entertain sports fans around the world. Tennis fans, in particular, have enjoyed some spectacular encounters as the best in the business have gone head-to-head in their quest for gold.

So far, the tournament has seen some major upsets, upset losses, and incredible strength and character. However, as the medals draw closer, fans are reminded of the former Olympic medalists who missed out this year; It should be noted the great Rafael Nadal.

Earlier this year, Rafael Nadal withdrew from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, following a loss in the semi-finals of the French Open. He also retired from the 2021 Wimbledon championship, in addition to breaking hearts. Yet courtesy of his legacy, he is still in the center of the action, even when he's away.

In a recently released video, young tennis athletes chose their favorite star who has what it takes to be a weightlifter. Given Rafa's strength, it was no surprise that he was winning this epic crossover. Incredible strength However, given Rafa's core strength and the force with which he drives those setbacks, it was fair.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Marton Fucsovics and Feliciano López joined Rafa in the favorites for a career change. In particular, Andrey Rublev was one of the two who chose Marton. When the two met at the 2021 Wimbledon Championship, Marton played some of his best tennis and beat Rublev in style.

Therefore, it is safe to say that Andrey was speaking from experience.

Francis Roig opens up on Rafael Nadal

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics reaches its podium finish after an enthralling week of entertainment, and more. Fans all over the world have enjoyed the mega-event thoroughly.

Notably, tennis enthusiasts have had the time of their life, witnessing some epic encounters, fierce battles, and major upsets. However, while fans relished these moments of magic, they recall the memories of the Olympians; notably, those who missed out this year.

One of the many famous names is that of former gold medalist, Rafael Nadal. While Rafael Nadal spent time recovering in his hometown, Mallorca, Novak Djokovic was busy winning titles. Recording one feat after another, he first won the 2021 Wimbledon Championship and then set out on a quest for gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as well.

Missing out on both these tournaments that his counterpart triumphed makes a comeback tricky but does not limit Rafael. Speaking of the same, Francis said, “Rafa has not played for a long time and it is not easy for him. He trains great, he’s in good shape overall. I think he can beat Djokovic at the US Open”.