'Rafael Nadal had a similar injury in 2016', says physiotherapist

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'Rafael Nadal had a similar injury in 2016', says physiotherapist

In a recent interview, Rafael Nadal spoke about the current situation of Covid. The Spaniard admitted that, like everyone else, he is also concerned about the coronavirus, as many people continue to suffer from it. “I think everyone should be concerned about the coronavirus.

You know, a lot of people suffering, a lot of people dying, ”Nadal said in the interview. Interestingly, Rafa is even taking care of himself by approaching fans to give them autographs or take selfies with them. Although most people in the United States are vaccinated, the virus situation is not over yet.

In the same interview, Rafa also spoke about the h*t topic of mental health. Recently, world number 2 Naomi Osaka withdrew from the 2021 French Open citing her mental health issues. Rafa believes that everyone treats them differently and it is quite obvious to feel the pressure of competition in sport.

“Everyone approaches problems differently. We are under pressure because the competition makes you feel more stressed. But, at the same time, we are super lucky people, because we are able to work on one of our hobbies.

[The] most important thing in my opinion is to be happy more than anything else,” said the 20-time Grand Slam champion. Rafael Nadal is playing at the Citi Open for the first time in his career this year.

Nadal had hurt his left wrist sometime in 2016

Dominic Thiem's physiotherapist Alex Stober recently provided an update on the 27-year-old's wrist injury.

Stober also revealed that Rafael Nadal had suffered a similar ailment in 2016. "We don't have a date in sight yet because we are following further medical advice," Stober said while speaking to Salzburger Nachrichten.

"But what is certain is that Dominic will return to the match court this year. Dominic knows he has to be patient (for his injury to heal completely). The healing process is developing as expected." He also pointed out that Thiem's wrist injury is similar to the one sustained by Rafael Nadal in 2016, which suggests this is unlikely to be a long-term problem.

"Dominic has trusted the doctors from the beginning and will continue to follow their advice," Stober said. "He (Rafael Nadal) had a similar injury in 2016." Dominic Thiem's father, Wolfgang Thiem, also spoke to Salzburger Nachrichten and gave an assurance that his son is mentally strong enough to be able to deal with such a setback.

"He is mentally strong," Wolfgang Thiem said. "He had a lot of time at home for family and friends, for things he otherwise has little time for."