'Rafael Nadal can just get out of jail everytime', says former ATP star

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'Rafael Nadal can just get out of jail everytime', says former ATP star

Rafael Nadal has been dealing with a foot injury for the past few months, skipping Wimbledon, the Olympics, Toronto and Cincinnati. A foot has been one of Nadal's Achilles heels throughout the years, and he already had to wrestle with it as a teenager in 2005.

Rafa wrote history books that year, lifting 11 ATP titles and entering the top 2 alongside Roger Federer. After blowing a huge lead against the Swiss in the Miami Open final, Rafa bounced back on clay and won Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Rome and Roland Garros with an incredible streak at such a young age.

After a short campaign on grass, Nadal secured another remarkable crown in Montreal, beating Andre Agassi in the title clash and lifting the trophy in his first tournament of course. 2! At the end of the season, the young Spaniard celebrated another title in front of the home crowd at the Madrid Open, winning his first and only hard indoor crown.

Nadal defeated four opponents in straight sets to set up Ivan Ljubicic's clash, facing an opponent in a way that he claimed two indoor titles in the previous weeks. After a titanic battle, Rafa won 3-6, 2-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6 after three hours and 53 minutes, making one of his most impressive comebacks in a race and enjoying one of the proudest moments in his early years.

However, the title came at a heavy price, as Rafa suffered a foot injury during the battle, enduring the pain but barely standing the next day! Nadal had to skip the remainder of the season and postpone his Masters Cup debut, returning only in February 2006 after missing the first Major of the season at the Australian Open.

Roddick opens up on Rafael Nadal

On the occasion of International Left-Handers Day (13 August), Andy Roddick spoke in glowing terms about tennis' most famous lefty - Rafael Nadal. Roddick made special mention of Nadal's crosscourt forehand, highlighting how it has been one of the Spaniard's biggest weapons over the years.

"Yeah, a lot of those losses were (against) a guy named Rafa, unfortunately," Andy Roddick said. "The thing is (only) 13% of the human population is lefty. You just don't get the reps with the opposite spin as much.

And Rafa really didn't present like a normal lefty as far as the serve is (concerned)," Roddick continued. "You think of a traditional lefty, you think of the big lefty servers in the men's game, Feliciano Lopez's, Rusedki's, even Ivenisevic's were a complete pain in the butt.

But I actually didn't mind playing those guys as much because I returned better on my backhand side; that's the only thing I did better on the backhand side." The American added that it was "no fun" in trying to deal with Nadal's venomous crosscourt forehand.

"But Rafa is able to kind of like start a monopoly game over, if he has a roll with that crosscourt forehand," Roddick said. "He can just get out of jail everytime and get the pattern that he wants. It was no fun."