Rafael Nadal: 'The scripts are not to be followed...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'The scripts are not to be followed...'

20-time Major Champion Rafael Nadal has accomplished almost everything in our sport in the last 16 years, always giving his best and improving his game despite numerous setbacks and injuries. Nadal was always open to adding different elements to his game and he remained competitive for almost two decades.

The Spaniard became world number one after winning the first Roland Garros crown in 2005 at age 19 and never left the top 10 once he entered the group in April 2005. Nadal was a Wimbledon finalist in 2006, dominating the fastest surface and winning the All England Club title two years later in that epic final against Roger Federer.

Driven by this momentum and extending his dominance at Roland Garros, Rafa lifted the trophy at the 2009 Australian Open and secured a Career Grand Slam at the 2010 US Open, still at 24! Earning his place among the immortals of tennis, Nadal wasn't ready to step back and enjoy his success without fighting for more, always finding a way to recover from serious injuries and surgeries.

Celebrating numerous victories over the top players and heartbreaking defeats, Rafa wishes to be remembered for his legacy and the example he has set to the next players, never breaking a racket and always giving 100% of himself against all opponents.

Nadal has had another difficult season behind him, winning two titles in Barcelona and Rome but dealing with a foot injury that forces him to skip the rest of the year. Eager to come back stronger in 2022, Rafa underwent treatment in Barcelona a couple of days ago and will return to training after a proper rest.

Nadal left a beautiful message for his fans

"I've been better, but I'm fine. A little sore from the foot. It is a time that is a bit complicated on a personal and professional level, but, honestly, with the illusion of improving and facing a process that is going to be difficult and painful at some point but that I have to go through to put myself back in a position to fight for what I want.

I am determined to do it" - Rafael Nadal stated. "The script was playing at Wimbledon, the Olympics or the US Open. In the script was not being lame today (laughs). He has been lame for a few days. But the scripts are not to be followed to the letter.

You have to adapt and accept things as they come. I have had fantastic things, bigger things than I would have ever dreamed of, and also more complicated moments in the form of injuries, but within what is possible I have always had a way to get ahead.

Over the years, one must be realistic and things are more complicated because the clock is ticking, but I am positive and I appreciate how lucky I am to be able to experience this kind of thing" - he added.