'Seeing Rafael Nadal for real was shocking', says young ATP ace

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'Seeing Rafael Nadal for real was shocking', says young ATP ace

Novak Djokovic has revealed that he still has no plans for this season finale, which could tie his fate once again to that of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Just like the Swiss and the Spaniard, with different motivations, we could see Djokovic on the pitch directly in 2022.

At the press conference, when asked to talk about his future commitments, the 20-time Grand Slam champion admitted: “To be honest, I don't have a plan, nothing at all. I don't know if I will play any tournaments or where.

Right now, my head is only here: in New York. Big 3? We want to continue to draw public attention to tennis as long as we can; I want to keep playing and try to win other Grand Slams and play for my country, these are my biggest motivations.

The Next Gen is now a consolidated reality, and will soon take the lead: I believe that tennis is in good hands, they are all good guys and great, great players, they have something to give both on and off the court. We all hope that this transition is simple and straightforward from the point of view of the popularity of tennis, this is a very important thing.

"We will see if Djokovic decides to participate in the ATP Finals in Turin or to leave directly from Australia in 2022.

Rincon talks about Rafael Nadal

Speaking with Eurosport following his landmark victory, Daniel Rincon highlighted how important the influence of Rafael Nadal has been on his growth as an athlete.

The Spaniard asserted that development is not only about what you do, but also whom you surround yourself with. "Of course," Rincon replied when asked if having Rafael Nadal close to him had helped. "It is not only the things that they say to you, it also has a lot to do with who tells you and how they say it to you.

Having Rafa so close, sometimes even behind me in training, is a great influence," he added. "Part of the improvement I have had in recent years has been thanks to him and his environment." During the course of the interview, Daniel Rincon recalled how he was left starstruck by Rafael Nadal the first few times he met him.

"The first few times were a bit tense, it's true (laughs)," Rincon said. "In the end, Rafa is someone who had many times on television winning Roland Garros and winning other Grand Slams. Suddenly, having him in front of you and seeing him for real was shocking," he added. (But) I continue to enjoy the most every time I have him around, exactly like the first times."