Rafael Nadal: "I will have a family when..."

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Rafael Nadal: "I will have a family when..."

Rafael Nadal after a long romantic relationship with his girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello, got married on October 19, 2019 with a fairytale wedding. In an interview with Marca, Rafa explained why he and his wife do not yet have children.

The Spaniard said: "I keep my commitment to tennis and my happiness. I enjoy both tennis and outside. I have a girlfriend too and I'm not alone in making decisions. You have to adapt to situations. Having family? I don't know, things are not easy to predict.

At this age I thought I would already be a former player and start a family. " Rafa once said that he would like to have up to three children. When asked how he sees himself in ten years, Nadal replied: 'As a young man I thought that at 30 I would have already retired and instead I'm still here.

The only thing I know is that I will have a family. "

Rafael Nadal's last performances

Rafael Nadal's 2021 was heavily conditioned by the problem in his left foot that prevented him from expressing himself to the fullest of his abilities starting from Paris.

After missing Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics, the Spaniard tried to take the court at the ATP 500 tournament in Washington, but already during the second round match, which was later won against Jack Sock, the first warning signs arrived.

The Majorcan has in fact moved rather badly on the field and highlighted a strong discomfort in the foot. The negative feelings that everyone felt at the end of the match with the American were subsequently confirmed, because Nadal struggled even harder against Lloyd Harris, who defeated him in three sets while still playing tennis of the highest quality.

A few days before the start of the Toronto Masters 1000, the 20-time Grand Slam champion announced that he would not be taking part in the Canadian tournament. After consulting the doctors and carrying out various checks on the extent of the injury, Nadal finally decided to undergo a particular treatment, not a real operation, and to close his season prematurely.