Rafael Nadal: 'The reality is that it is a sad day in a way'

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Rafael Nadal: 'The reality is that it is a sad day in a way'

When the Laver Cup arose, as an idea, it was something very new and groundbreaking, with a careful aesthetic and very powerful Marketing. Having Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer among the ranks of the same team was too appetizing bait not to consume that product.

With the passing of the editions and after finishing the fourth, without the presence of anyone from the Big 3 and with the fourth consecutive victory of Team Europe, one has the feeling that the initial flame so attractive of the novelty begins to go out.

And, unlike golf, in the world of tennis, the distance between Europe and the rest of the world is absolutely enormous. Of the last 73 Grand Slams played, only three fell into the hands of a non-European tennis player. We talked about Delpo at the US Open 2009, Gaudio at Roland Garros 2004 and Andy Roddick at the US Open 2003.

All the members of the European team were Top 10, while the Ranking of the members of the Team rest of the world was much lower . With this on the table, it is no wonder that this past weekend we witnessed an outright beating from Team Europe in the 2021 Laver Cup.

Nadal pays tribute to Pau Gasol

Rafael Nadal recently paid tribute to Pau Gasol after the Spanish basketball player announced his retirement from the sport. Over the course of a 23-year career, Gasol won two NBA titles, as well as three Olympic medals.

In a recent interview with Cadena SER, Nadal heaped praise on the six-time All-Star, calling him a "legend" of Spanish sport. "The reality is that it is a sad day in a way," he said. "One of the great legends of our sport is leaving.

I honestly think I'm very happy for him. He has been able to finish his career the way he wanted, playing and fighting for titles and doing it at a very high level. He leaves behind a legacy that I believe is indelible in every way."

In a recent podcast appearance, Rafael Nadal’s uncle, Toni Nadal has shared some positive news regarding Nadal’s foot injury. He says he’s optimistic and believes the Spaniard has still has got 2-3 good years left.

Recently on a podcast, Toni Nadal revealed some encouraging news regarding his nephew’s injury. He said, “His progression has always been highly conditioned by the congenital foot injury, which he now suffers. That is why everything he has achieved has a lot of merit”.

Moreover, he added, “He is encouraged and I think he will get through this once again. I am optimistic and my feeling is that 2022 can be a good season for him and that he has 2 or 3 good years left, but as time progresses everything is more complicated,” concluded his former coach, Toni.