Dmitry Tursunov: Rafael Nadal looks violent when he hits ball, then ball is violent

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Dmitry Tursunov: Rafael Nadal looks violent when he hits ball, then ball is violent

Former Russian tennis player Dmitry Tursunov says Rafael Nadal hits the ball violently and the opponent absolutely feels it when it lands on his racket. Tursunov feels Aslan Karatsev is also one of the players that strikes the ball violently though in Karatsev's case it's not as obvious as it is when Nadal does it.

"I think Berdych was more precision than raw power. He didn’t knock your racquet out. Some players, the ball looks deceivingly soft and then when it hits you, it hits you like a brick. Some people swing and make a lot of noise, but the ball doesn’t really hurt you.

There are a few players who have that power," Tursunov told the ATP website. "Rafa looks violent when he hits the ball and then the ball is violent, so it kind of matches the way it looks and the way it feels. With Aslan, it almost is a little deceiving.

It doesn’t sound like he’s hitting the ball very hard, but when it lands on your racquet, you feel like it’s pretty heavy."

Tursunov not surprised by Karatsev's rise

In 2021, Karatsev, 28, made his first Grand Slam semifinal, achieved a career-high ranking of No.

22 and for the first time became a regular participant of the ATP level events. "You still have to put in the work once you start rolling. But it’s easier to roll once you get going. But I also think maturity comes into play quite a bit.

Now he’s a completely different person and player than three years ago in terms of understanding what it takes to be professional day-in and day-out," Tursunov explained. "There are a lot of things, but that’s what it looks like to everybody else because no one knows him.

All of a sudden, he’s winning and so it’s like ‘Oh, he came from nowhere’. But no, he’s been playing tennis since he was a [baby]. It doesn’t happen magically in one day. The story looks pretty like ‘Oh, he came from nowhere’, but it’s not as glamorous behind the scenes as it is under the stage lights."