Rafael Nadal: I follow specific plan and have clear goals in my recovery process

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Rafael Nadal: I follow specific plan and have clear goals in my recovery process

Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal has admitted that he doesn't know when he will play against but revealed she he is following a specific plan and that he has clear goals in his recovery. Nadal put an end to his 2021 season in August due to a persistent foot injury.

“I don't know when I will play again. I work every day and follow a specific plan, with very clear goals that I will not reveal what they are, because there are things that I cannot control 100 percent," Nadal said, as quoted on EFE.

Nadal is confident that his plan will work out and that he will be able to return to the Tour fully healthy. "I trust that everything I am doing will give the result that we hope to get," Nadal added.

Nadal realized that taking a break would be the right thing to do

"After coming back from Toronto, I took a couple of days to think about it.

I needed to talk with my family, with my team and with my doctors especially to understand what is going on. But the foot is not the proper way today," Nadal said recently. "During the past year I was not practising and preparing myself the way that I need to to be competitive at the standards that I want to be, so we had to take that decision.

But I am confident that I will recover 100 per cent and I will be able to fight again for the most important things. "The injury is nothing new. It is the same injury that I have had since 2005. In that moment, the doctors were very negative about my future career, but I was able to have a career that I never dreamed about.

So I am confident that I will recover again the foot and if the foot is better, I am confident that my tennis and my mentality will be there again soon."