Rafael Nadal: I have never copied other players

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Rafael Nadal: I have never copied other players

Spanish tennis superstar Rafael Nadal said loved to practice as a kid but he never copied other players. Nadal, 35, turned to be an all-time great, winning 20 Grand Slams and becoming world No. 1. "When I was a kid I loved practice so much that I spent extremely long time on the court, but I've never copied other players.

To be honest that doesn't mean I don't watch others. I observe other players & examine how they make their play succeed," Nadal told Number Web.

"Not just copying others, but speculating their thoughts behind their play, I adopt the essence to suit my playing style.

Where you stand on the court, how you move, how you hit... I've watched thousands of videos on YouTube to get inspiration. "If there is a clue to be the top, you have to always pursue the innovative ideas on play. When you lose your edge due to aging, you can make up for it by new ideas."

Nadal hungry for more success

Nadal, now ranked at No. 6 in the world, is determined to have a successful comeback in 2022. In August, Nadal prematurely ended his season due to a persistent foot issue. Nadal has had a couple of successful comebacks to tennis and he knows what it takes to return to his best game.

"(I didn't expect the success that I have now but) I have had a tough time of uncertainty due to injuries and got through that, that makes winning more special. I'm still eager for another success," Nadal noted.

Toni Nadal is confident that Rafael will have a big season in 2022. "Things are going better. He has set his sights on starting in Australia. He will be fine. I'm convinced. The idea is to have a great year 2022. He will put his all into it," Toni told Voices of Sport.