'If Rafael Nadal had done something better in his career...', says former Top 10

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'If Rafael Nadal had done something better in his career...', says former Top 10

Fernando Verdasco is now one of the Veterans of the ATP circuit, but there are many to remember his glorious past with pleasure. The world's ex number 7 is struggling to find an acceptable physical condition and the ranking of him says a lot about the difficulties with which he had to deal with in the last year.

Accompanied by him's family, 'Nando' was engaged this week in Alicante's Challenger, where he failed to go beyond the eighths. The 37-year-old Iberian has long been recognized as the most talented player in him, even above his majesty Rafael Nadal.

During a long exclusive interview with 'Punto de Break', Verdasco carried out a sort of travel over time retracing the most significant stages of the illustrious career of him. The Madrid Tennis player won seven titles in the Maggiore circuit, the last of which on the Red Earth of Bucharest five years ago.

In Slam, the best result of him was the semi-final reached at the Australian Open in 2009 (lost to fotofinish against Nadal). He centered the lens of the quarters both in Wimbledon and the US Open, while at Roland Garros has never pushed beyond the octaves.

Fernando Verdasco on Rafa Nadal

"I imagine that this will depend a lot about who says it, others will say that Feliciano Lopez has more talented, others will say that Rafael Nadal. In Spain we have had the great luck of having several generations with a brutal talent, if you listen to foreigners talk about us you will see that they usually define ourselves as gladiators, as very hard types physically.

Nadal has won 1000 times Roland Garros (laughs), the toughest mentally and physically in the world, but other Spaniards already dominated him before, this is seen in the history of tennis" - Fernando Verdasco stated.

"Everyone can give more, there is always talk of the probability of having won more titles or having been more top10. The one who wins five Grand Slam, they ask him why he did not win fifteen. How many players do everything perfect since they are born until they die? None, we are human beings, we are not machines.

What could I have given more? Yes. What Feliciano could have given more? Yes. But it is that even a Nadal, Federer or Djokovic could have done more at some point .. Nobody knows. If Nadal had done something better in his race he would now have 25 Grand Slam? Criticizing is always very easy, we love to look at next door and put green, but I am very calm with my career.

I always did things as I thought I had to do them at that certain moment, then you already learn and you see if you have been successful or not. Maybe if I had done something else, I would not have been happy and I would not have won.

At the level that we play, it is not just the fact of doing everything perfect, because if mentally that makes you unhappy, then you will not win" - he added.