Rafael Nadal: 'I’m not afraid of life without tennis at all'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I’m not afraid of life without tennis at all'

Spanish tennis superstar Rafael Nadal said he loved to practice as a child, but never imitated other players. The 35-year-old Nadal became an all-time great player, winning 20 Grand Slams and becoming number one in the world.

"As a kid, I loved practice so much that I spent a lot of time on the court, but I've never copied other players. To be honest, that doesn't mean I don't look at other players. I watch other players and examine how they manage their game.

be successful," Nadal told Number Web. "Not just copying others, but speculating their thoughts behind their game, I embrace the essence that suits my style of play. Where do you stand on the court, how do you move, how do you hit ...

I have watched thousands of videos on YouTube for inspiration. If there is a clue to being the best, you should always pursue the game's innovative ideas. When you lose your edge due to aging, you can make up for it with new ideas."

Nadal, now ranked No. 6 in the world, is determined to make a successful comeback in 2022. In August, Nadal prematurely ended his season due to a persistent foot problem. Nadal has had a couple of successful comebacks to tennis and knows what it takes to get back to his best game (I didn't expect the success I have now, but) I've had a difficult moment of uncertainty due to injuries and I got over it, that makes winning more special."

It’s amazing to see Rafa be so generous

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal has been a key force in men’s tennis. The former World No. 1 player has been around for many years and the success achieved by him has been exceptional.

However, the fact that Rafa has been around for so long already means that the day he keeps down his tennis racquet for good is also inching closer. And he recently spoke about his plans post-retirement. Speaking about the same, Nadal said, “I’m definitely in the sports industry.

I run a structure, which will keep me connected to tennis and I like helping young players grow. I will also spend more time on my project, which supports economically disadvantaged children. I’m not afraid of life without tennis at all”.

Rafael Nadal recently shed some light on the keys to his on-court temperament, explaining why he never resorts to violent acts such as breaking rackets. Nadal also revealed that he practices yoga, which helps him control his emotions both on and off the court.

"I like to compete, but I always control myself on the track," Rafael Nadal said. "I have never lost my nerves or broken a racket. I've never behaved like crazy. My philosophy is never to give up in sports. It happens to me the same when I play golf or soccer with my friends."