Rafael Nadal: 'It becomes a little strange because you pick up speed...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'It becomes a little strange because you pick up speed...'

The Telephone of Hope has awarded Rafael Nadal with its solidarity commitment award, in the first edition of these distinctions, created on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the entity, to recognize public personalities whose trajectory reflects the values ​​that the institution encourages.

The award ceremony to Nadal was carried out in a "simple and intimate" event, held at the headquarters of his structure, in Manacor, on October 9, the Telephone of Hope reported this Monday in a statement. The president of the Telephone of Hope, Miguel Ángel Terrero, explained that the award, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the structure and 35 years in the Balearic Islands, wants to "publicly recognize the contribution of relevant people in society in achieving a a fairer and more caring world." "Our award may appear insignificant, due to the innumerable recognitions that Rafa Nadal has received throughout his career, but we want it to be received from the heart, since it is from the heart of the Telephone of Hope from which we offer it," he added.

Nadal thanked the distinction, recognized the important task of the Telephone of Hope, especially during the pandemic, and highlighted that, beyond the satisfaction that his sporting successes bring him, he is especially excited to receive awards where his humble effort is recognized.

and that of its structure for capturing and transmitting values ​​such as solidarity.

Nadal was seen competing in Washington

Rafael Nadal recently spoke about the influence that the athletes in his own family - and their sporting values - have had on his tennis career.

"I was born into a family of many sports references and it is something that has always inspired me," Nadal was quoted as saying by MARCA. "I do not know how to do anything without always giving my best. It is something that has dominated my life.

And what I try is to improve every day." KIA launched a new electric crossover at the event, gifting the 20-time Grand Slam champion a personalized edition. "It is my first electric car and it becomes a little strange because you pick up speed and since it does not sound anything, you do not even realize it," Nadal said.

Since Rafa is still in the recovery process, he has been utilizing his time by getting more minutes on the golf course. He participated in the Balearic Mid-Amateur Golf Championship, a competition where Rafa has played before as well. Famous for his left-handed forehand, the Spaniard interestingly plays golf right-handed.