Rafael Nadal: 'They signed me when I still didn't even have...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'They signed me when I still didn't even have...'

20-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal is concerned about the serve trend in today's game. Nadal believes that the players are getting bigger and the serve is getting faster. If he continues to tend that way, Nadal worries that matches will be decided solely on service.

"I think we have to think about service at some point," he told Japanese sports magazine Number. “Because the players are getting bigger and the service is getting faster and faster. If someone does not find a smart solution to serve, I am concerned that the parties will decide solely on the service.

I think this problem will get worse in 10 years”. Nadal was asked what would happen if the serve were reduced to a single attempt. "I don't think it's an irrelevant idea," Nadal replied. “You can try it and see if it makes sense.

I am in favor of innovation in the world of tennis. I think it's a good idea to try it first in a small tournament." The 35-year-old Nadal ended the season in August due to a persistent foot injury. Nadal knows that he is nearing the end of his career, but insists that he is not afraid of life without tennis.

"I try not to think about my age as much as possible. I will retire when I am not feeling fresh physically and mentally. I also realize now how much I love tennis and have a true privilege to play for so long. Later, when I put away my racket, I will also dedicate more time to my structure, which supports economically disadvantaged children."

Nadal decided to end his season

Rafael Nadal recently spoke about the influence that the athletes in his own family - and their sporting values - have had on his tennis career.

"I was born into a family of many sports references and it is something that has always inspired me," Nadal was quoted as saying by MARCA. "I do not know how to do anything without always giving my best. It is something that has dominated my life.

And what I try is to improve every day." Rafael Nadal celebrated 17 years of his partnership with KIA at the recent event. The 35-year-old revealed that he first signed for the Korean automobile brand before he even had a drivers' license, and that he hopes to continue for as long as possible.

"(They signed me) when I still didn't even have a driver's license and I hope it continues for many more years," he said.