Toni Nadal: I never considered defeat as failure for Rafael Nadal

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Toni Nadal: I never considered defeat as failure for Rafael Nadal

Renowned tennis coach Toni Nadal insists defeats aren't neccessary always a bad thing because you can learn a lot from them and he claims he never considered a defeat as a failure for Rafael Nadal. Nadal, 35, is one of the most successful players in tennis history as he is tied with Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer on the all-time Grand Slam record list with 20 Majors.

“I think you have to learn from wins and losses because, you know, both are temporary. I didn't expect my nephew to have to lose for him to want to improve. Because I knew that even if we won, defeat was near, I tried to make him feel positive in both wins and losses.

So what is a failure? For me, there is only one failure in life: not being ready to do what is necessary. I never saw a defeat for Rafael as a failure. No matter how painful it was, whether it was at Wimbledon or the Australian Open, I never considered it a failure.

It was a lack of preparation: when we lost, I told Rafael that we weren't good enough, that we had to work a little harder," Toni told Haciendote Preguntas, as revealed on We Love Tennis.

Toni never had problems with motivation Nadal

Nadal has always been known as an extreme competitor and he has always been hungry for more.

“I've been asked several times how to motivate a guy who has won everything. First of all, Rafael hasn't won everything. If a guy who is lucky that life is going well and has challenges to face isn't motivated, then he's ungrateful.

I think you have to be motivated in life," Toni said. Unfortunately for Nadal, he was forced to call it a season in August due to a foot issue. Nadal is hoping to be ready for the start of the season in Australia.