'This is very typical of Rafael Nadal of doing something...', says top coach

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'This is very typical of Rafael Nadal of doing something...', says top coach

Japanese tennis star Kei Nishikori is once again hampered by a back injury and that is the reason behind his withdrawals from Vienna and the Paris Masters. After losing to Daniel Evans in the second round of the Indian Wells Masters, Nishikori was eager to play in Vienna, Paris and Stockholm.

Unfortunately for Nishikori, he skipped this week's Vienna and withdrew from the Paris Masters on Thursday. According to Japanese media, Nishikori's agent confirmed the news of the Paris withdrawal and said they are still undecided about Stockholm.

However, the chances of seeing Nishikori in Stockholm are slim, as he has probably just finished his season. There is concern among Nishikori's team as the 2014 US Open runner-up has been dealing with a back problem since his youth.

Recently, Rafael Nadal said that Nishikori would be a regular Grand Slam semifinalist, a top 5 player if he managed to stay healthy. "Obviously, Kei is a first-rate player who has been playing for a long time on the Tour.

Unfortunately, he has been hampered by repeated injuries. Without these injuries, he can definitely be one of the top five players and make semi-finals in Slams regularly," Nadal recently told Web Number. "Injury propensity depends on luck, I think it applies to Kei.

He's very professional, I'm sure he's working on everything to prevent injuries." Nishikori has had a tough last few years on the Tour, but Nadal is confident that you can go back to your old tennis. "Playing on the Tour is more demanding on the players' bodies than you think.

Sometimes you have to tactically withdraw from some events to deal with the physical load. Given his potential, I'm sure he will be able to come back to the top, without doubt", recognized Nadal.

Annacone praises Rafael Nadal

Paul Annacone, former Roger Federer’s coach said, “This is so amazing.

Talk about his sport for a lifetime, this gentleman getting to hit with Rafael Nadal is such a thrill. But look how well he plays still”. Furthermore, he added, “It’s amazing to watch this, and this is very typical of Rafa Nadal of doing something like this, shows his humility and class.

But what a great day for that 97-years old”. The kindhearted Rafael Nadal has won the hearts of many people across the world. Despite competing at the highest level, Nadal has shown his loving nature. Paul Annacone is a former American professional player and current coach.

In his singles career, he has achieved three titles and has reached the quarter-finals at Wimbledon 1984. He secured 14 titles in the doubles event, along with lifting the Australian Open in 1985.