Rafael Nadal: 'I regret that it was caused by a disaster'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I regret that it was caused by a disaster'

Tennis ace Rafael Nadal has inspired many over the years. He has displayed a unique style of play over the course of his career. Recently, there was a moment when American tennis player Frances Tiafoe emulated the Spanish in her match today.

In his Vienna Open final match against Alexander Zverev, Tiafoe made the Rafael Nadal trademark far behind the baseline. The German player did some really hard-hitting serves, which pushed the American player well behind the baseline.

Over the years, tennis fans around the world have witnessed Nadal's unique habit. Usually the players will be standing just a foot away from the baseline, but the Spaniard is almost 8-10 feet behind the baseline. Seeing Frances do the same brought glimpses of Rafa.

Tiafoe and Nadal's season so far Speaking of Frances, he has had a brilliant week so far. She has beaten some of the best players during the course of this tournament. At the moment, she is in the final and faces Zverev. It promises to be an exciting match as both players are playing fantastic tennis.

Moving on to Nadal, he was last seen in Washington. Sadly, he couldn't get past the opening rounds. His injury to his foot was the main cause of his not being able to compete at the best of his levels. He then flew back home to get back in better shape.

He has finished his season and we look forward to seeing him compete at the highest level once again. All eyes will be on him when he hits the courts again.

Nadal is currently sidelined from the tour

Rafael Nadal was officially given the title "adopted son" by the city council of Sant Llorenc des Cardessar, a Mallorcan municipality, in a plenary session on Wednesday.

"I am very grateful and I feel great satisfaction for this recognition, but I regret that it was caused by a disaster where lives were lost," Nadal was quoted as saying by MARCA. "The truth is that it saddens me to remember those days and I wish it had never happened."

Nadal received the award at an institutional ceremony during the plenary session, which was attended by his family as well as locals who applauded the Spaniard on multiple occasions. Nadal also took to Instagram to express his gratitude at receiving the distinction.

"I am very grateful to the people of Sant Llorenç for making me their adopted son! It is a great satisfaction for me that the people have thought that we deserve such an honor," Nadal wrote.