Rafael Nadal: 'I will have more time to enjoy...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I will have more time to enjoy...'

Despite having been one of the 'worst' seasons since 2005, given that by now the athlete has accustomed everyone to very high expectations on him, Rafael Nadal is maintaining the fifth position in the world ATP ranking and is up to now in the top ten in the 'Race' classification, which only calculates the points obtained in the current year.

The Spaniard remains one of the fearsome players on the circuit, both when he's in shape and when he's not doing well physically. The desire to continue playing and to reach new important goals remains in the King of red clay, who will try to relaunch himself in the highly anticipated 2022, perhaps returning to win a Grand Slam and be the first to reach the fateful quota 21, also desired by his two direct rivals (Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer).

2021, however, is synonymous with difficulty and injury for the 35-year-old from Manacor, who has practically missed the entire second part of the season due to an annoying foot problem, except for a very short period in Washington.

In an interview with AFP, the winner of 20 Major competition titles updated the fans on the current physical condition: “The foot injury still needs to improve a bit, but I'm already back in training, for almost a ' hour and a half a day.

This data is certainly positive. Some days are better than others, but I'm starting to feel good. The road I'm taking is the right one,” he said. Nadal announced what is the goal he has in mind at the moment (and that he will certainly do everything to achieve it): "I don't know exactly when I will return, but I can say that my intent is to try to do the Abu Dhabi exhibition in the month of December, then a tournament to start preparing for the Australian Open, a tournament in which I want to try to take part” he concluded.

Nadal is no stranger to venturing out of tennis

During a recent interaction, Rafael Nadal spoke about the sport of Padel. "To be honest, in padel I am neither good nor bad," Nadal told Padel Magazine. Rafael Nadal is no stranger to venturing out of tennis and trying his hand at other sports; the 35-year-old is an amateur golfer who has played in several official tournaments.

"I don't know what the future will be like," Nadal said. "I will continue with my tennis career. I like sport in general. I play golf. I think I'll grab a padel racket, why not? I am sure that in the future I will have more time to enjoy other sports. Padel is growing and I think it will be fun because it's easier to play."