Rafael Nadal: 'We are all tired of this situation'

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Rafael Nadal: 'We are all tired of this situation'

The 2021 season is about to close, and some tennis players already have their minds set on 2022, the beginning of which will be marked by the restrictions suffered by tennis players who have not been vaccinated against COVID.

It is not yet clear that the Australian authorities will allow the unimmunized to enter the country and, if they do, they will have to comply with strict quarantines that will limit their movements and can weigh on their performance in the face of the first Grand Slam of the season.

These doubts make players like Novak Djokovic seriously consider their presence in Melbourne. The number 1 in the world has not clarified if he has been vaccinated, and he has always been elusive when asked, arguing that it is a personal decision that he does not have to share publicly.

Very different is the position of Rafael Nadal. The 13-time Roland Garros champion was vaccinated as soon as he had the opportunity and does not miss the opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of inoculation in order to finally put an end to the pandemic.

Rafael Nadal ended his 2021 tennis season

With his recovery from a foot injury gathering speed, Rafael Nadal has officially announced that he will play at the Abu Dhabi exhibition next month. When Nadal was asked for his opinion on the issue, the 35-year-old criticized those who are still not taking the jab, while highlighting the severity of the unprecedented crisis.

"I understand that there are people who do not want to be vaccinated, but it seems a bit selfish to me," Nadal said. "We have suffered a lot. We do not know one hundred percent the effects of vaccines, but we do have to trust the doctors, which we do know it is the effect of the virus if we are not vaccinated.

It seems that today we are the country that is least affected by the virus and I think it is because we have a large part of the population vaccinated." The Spaniard also spoke about the #NuestraMejorVictoria (Our Best Victory) campaign he launched with former Spanish basketball player Pau Gasol.

"We are all tired of this situation, they are complicated years, many people have lost close people," Nadal said. "We (him and Pau Gasol) had to take a step forward, to try to help, put a grain of sand and give help to people."

Fans became quite disappointed after Rafael Nadal ended his 2021 tennis season because of a foot injury. The Spaniard last played at the Citi Open 2021, where he injured his foot, and later he withdrew from the National Bank Open 2021.