Rafael Nadal against No-Vax: "They are selfish!"

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Rafael Nadal against No-Vax: "They are selfish!"

Rafael Nadal has been out for some time due to injury and his fans are eagerly awaiting his return. This year the tennis player had a problem with his foot, a relapse with Muller-Weiss syndrome in his left foot, a problem that struck him at the beginning of his career.

Nadal is working hard to return and in view of next season and the Mallorcan should officially return to the court for an exhibition in Abu Dhabi, towards the end of 2021, an event that will also feature other tennis players such as Casper Ruud, Denis Shapovalov and the other returning Dominic Thiem.

To MARCA, Rafa held a virtual interview where he spoke not only about his conditions and his return to the field but also and above all about the vaccine situation, a problem that is creating a lot of controversy in view of the Australian Open 2022.

Rafa this season has gone dry from Grand Slam tournaments and is very eager for revenge to try to conquer the 21 Major.

Rafael Nadal comments on the situation of the unvaccinated

Speaking to the newspaper MARCA, the Spanish champion said: "I understand and I can understand those who do not want to be vaccinated but I think it is a selfish attitude.

We really suffered a lot, it's true we don't know 100% the effects of the vaccine but we have to trust the doctors." Rafa has never stopped winning during his career and he also talked about the critical moments that every tennis player goes through: "When things they go wrong the only thing to do is to analyze the reasons and find solutions.

People think I'm always optimistic but that's not the case and sometimes I really see things in a negative way. But this is part of the sport and can only help me get back to fighting. Future plans? My plan is to go back to Abu Dhabi and then I have to do a tournament before the Australian Open.

I am working hard for this, Abu Dhabi is a special place for me, I have been there many times and I have often started the season there. Plus the audience is always fantastic towards me."