Rafael Nadal: 'If I am able to play without much pain...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'If I am able to play without much pain...'

The Davis Cup has a special meaning for Spanish tennis players, and the one they won in 2019 marked Roberto Bautista Agut. ‘Bati’, 33, lived a special situation due to the death of his father in full competition, and returned a couple of days later to dedicate his triumph in the “Salad Bowl”.

“It is a different and special competition. Everyone has a little more responsibility. Many games are played with a lot of tension, with a lot of nerves. That makes you tough as a player trying to find a bit of comfort in moments of great tension and that is very positive and makes you improve a lot as a player”, acknowledged the current world number 19.

“I have the Salad Bowl in the dining room at home. When you enter it is practically the first thing you see. It is a very nice trophy that stands out from the rest or at least I see it that way! and my eyes go to her many times.

It is the most important trophy of my career, which it meant to me, it was one of the most beautiful moments I have lived on a tennis court and I think it was something incredible what happened in 2019 and it may be that it is.

my favorite title or my favorite trophy”, he added in statements taken up for 'Break Point' Bautista Agut will be one of the players who will defend the crown in a few days as part of the Spanish team, which this time will have the absence of Rafael Nadal.

“Rafa is a key piece for the team. Rafa is very Rafa. From there we will try to do the best job possible. We have a good team, we are very complete. And of course we are eager and excited. I love to feel it, I love to live it."

Nadal suffered a major setback this year with a foot injury

In a recent conversation with Nico Rosberg, Rafael Nadal opened up on a plethora of topics.

From aging down to dealing with injuries, Nadal is pretty optimistic about his comeback to professional tennis. The Spaniard was away from the ATP Tour since August 2021. On getting older, he stated, ” When you get a bit older, the feelings are different in all terms.

But at the same time, even today, I had a very tough period of time in terms of my foot injury. So I need to come back hopefully by the beginning of next year”. Furthermore, he added, “ Of course, I’m going to have some doubts, but I know the process, I have been there plenty of times.

It’s true that every time as you get older it gets more difficult [to recover] but I am very excited by the process and by the things that I have to do to try to be back. So, even with doubts, I am confident that if I am able to play without much pain, I will have my chances”.

Even at the age of 35, Rafael Nadal feels he will have his chances of playing at the highest level. The Spaniard last won a Grand Slam title at French Open 2020.