Carlos Alcaraz: Rafael Nadal is very ordinary, humble and cheerful guy


Carlos Alcaraz: Rafael Nadal is very ordinary, humble and cheerful guy

Carlos Alcaraz, 18, insists Rafael Nadal is a very "normal, ordinary and humble" guy. Alcaraz is one of the most exciting prospects in a long time and some are calling him the new Nadal. "The first time I saw Nadal was on the Rafa Nadal Tour, it was a trophy ceremony and I could hardly exchange words with him," Alcaraz wrote for Eurosport.

"But later, the first time I spoke with him, I saw that he was a normal and ordinary guy, very close, it was very nice to be with him, if you didn't know that Rafa is, you would say that he is a normal and ordinary person, I think that's what that characterizes him, that he is close, humble and cheerful.

My coach, Juan Carlos Ferrero, who plays a fundamental role in my career, does not like to be compared to Rafa, he tries to make me focus on myself, to be Carlos Alcaraz and not try to look like anyone. That helps me a lot."

Alcaraz was forced to withdraw from the Davis Cup

Alcaraz was forced to withdraw from the DavisCup after being tested positive.

"Representing Spain is everything, it is invaluable," Alcaraz noted. "Representing your country in any field or competition is everything. When they told me I was on the Davis team for this year, I didn't believe it. It was a child's dream to be part of the Davis Cup.

I have a great memory of Ferrer's match against Kohlschreiber in Valencia in 2018, crazy. And also the Davis of 2019 in Madrid, which was spectacular, full of emotions, with Rober (Bautista), who left, came back and won (his father died in the middle of the tournament).

With Rafa winning epic matches, epic doubles, it was a spectacular Davis that Spain deserved. I remember screaming when Rafa won the last point from Shapovalov."

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