Hubert Hurkacz: Rafael Nadal has best forehand on Tour

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Hubert Hurkacz: Rafael Nadal has best forehand on Tour

World No. 9 Hubert Hurkacz believes Rafael Nadal has the best forehand on the Tour. Nadal, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, has many great strenghts in his game but his forehand has always been one of his biggest assets. Hurkacz has never played Nadal on the ATP Tour but still he believes the Spaniard has the best forehand in the men's game.

In an interview with ELLE Man, Hurkacz was asked who has the best forehand on the Tour. "Rafa, his aggressive forehand puts a lot of pressure on the opponent," Hurkacz replied.

Nadal was also praised by Carlos Alcaraz

"The first time I saw Nadal was on the Rafa Nadal Tour, it was a trophy ceremony and I could hardly exchange words with him," Alcaraz wrote for Eurosport.

"But later, the first time I spoke with him, I saw that he was a normal and ordinary guy, very close, it was very nice to be with him, if you didn't know that Rafa is, you would say that he is a normal and ordinary person, I think that's what that characterizes him, that he is close, humble and cheerful.

My coach, Juan Carlos Ferrero, who plays a fundamental role in my career, does not like to be compared to Rafa, he tries to make me focus on myself, to be Carlos Alcaraz and not try to look like anyone. That helps me a lot."

Nadal put an to his season in August due to a foot injury and he admitted there is going to be certain doubts about his return but he knows the process. "Of course I’m going to have some doubts, but I know the process, I have been there plenty of times,” Nadal said.

“It’s true that every time as you get older it gets more difficult [to recover] but I am very excited by the process and by the things that I have to do to try to be back. “So, even with doubts, I am confident that if I am able to play without much pain, I will have my chances”.