'The name of Roland Garros is more related to Rafael Nadal than...', says star

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'The name of Roland Garros is more related to Rafael Nadal than...', says star

The long-awaited Game in Africa took place in Cape Town last February, with a crowd of more than 50,000 spectators who saw two of the best players in history having fun on an orange court. Roger Federer and Bill Gates on the one hand and Rafael Nadal and Trevor Noah on the other shared the pitch at the Cape Town Stadium in front of an unprecedented crowd.

They had a lot of fun and gave the people in the stands something to cheer on before the main match between Federer and Nadal. Playing in front of the South African crowd for the first time, Roger couldn't hide his happiness and excitement, looking forward to an incredible evening and taking pride in having South African origins.

Roger Federer and Bill Gates defeated Rafael Nadal and Trevor Noah 6-3. It was the third time Federer and Gates shared the floor at The Match in Africa and their third win, scoring the decisive break in the eighth game on Noah's serve and sealing the deal a few minutes later with a comfortable turn of serve from the star.

Switzerland. Trevor Noah was the main figure, throwing a lot of pranks and chasing every ball as he tried to keep his team in contention. In the end, it wasn't enough to stop Federer and Gates' reign, but they all had a blast on the court, appreciating every point and spreading positive energy throughout the tennis world.

Roger and Rafa held out in the opening games, and Noah closed the third game with a big winner before an excellent volley exchange between the 39-time Major champions at the net in the fourth game. Gates delivered a crucial serve in the seventh game, with him and Roger breaking Noah a few minutes later to gain the lead before Federer closed the deal at 5-3 to hand victory to his team.

Robin Soderling on beating Nadal

Robin Soderling famously became one of only two players to defeat Rafael Nadal at the French Open in 2009, when he reached the final against Roger Federer. The Swede had an excellent season that year, reaching the quarterfinals at the US Open and the semifinals at the ATP Finals.

Robin spoke about his famous win over Rafael Nadal, who was the four-time defending champion at Roland Garros at the time. Although the Swede played down the achievement, he admitted that the match does give him good memories.

"It was a good match, but it was only a tennis match. I had several good years and I have very good memories," he said. "The name of Roland Garros is more related to Rafa than to me. How many have you won? 12 or 13? It's that I lost count. What he has done there is incredible and will never happen again in history."