Medvedev explains what changes he expects in game after Nadal and Federer retire

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Medvedev explains what changes he expects in game after Nadal and Federer retire

Daniil Medvedev thinks the real changes will happen when Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer retire and when there are new fans who didn't get a chance to watch Federer and Nadal. Nadal and Federer are one of the greatest players in tennis history and they are the standard for success.

“I think the tough part for the young generation, because we had Roger and Rafa, they are probably one of the fairest sportsmen in all the history of the sport, and they were both playing together, and they both won amazing titles.

Now when somebody in tennis is not like this, people tend to not like them and say, ‘How come you're not like Roger and Rafa?’ Guess what, everybody is different," Medvedev said, per the Davis Cup Finals website.

“I think the moment when they retire and there are going to be new fans who didn't see Roger and Rafa live, that's when it's going to come back to where people are going to like other characters than this”.

Medvedev likes to feel something

Medvedev is someone who thrives when he has the crowd against him. Medvedev admitted he absolutely enjoyed beating Pablo Carreno Busta during Russia's victory over Spain at the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid.

“It's a game which I don't play on purpose. Everything I do, especially on the court even more than in life, is pure emotions," Medvedev explained. “On tennis court, it's a lot of adrenaline going on.

I hate to lose. There is less time and less power in myself to stop and think. So, I go with emotions which sometimes is good, sometimes is not good. “When you play a tennis match, you are alone there. There is 20,000 people, sometimes for you, sometimes against you, sometimes 50/50.

If I do something to provoke them, it's actually not to make them mad or sad or against me. It's something that I feel in this moment. We see it in any sport”.