'I imagine that I might have beaten Rafael Nadal', says former ace

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'I imagine that I might have beaten Rafael Nadal', says former ace

In a recent interview with Tennis Magazine the former tennis champion and winner of the Wimbledon tournament Michael Stich had surprising and quite critical words towards the Big Three, composed of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

It is undisputed that these three athletes have made the history of this sport and that, above all thanks to the numbers, they can be considered the best three in history, but the three are not 'in the good graces' of all the insiders.

Stich criticized the three athletes for the charisma that according to the former tennis player is lacking and above all for the fact that the three players lack emotion. Emotions that athletes of the past like the Americans Pete Sampras and André Agassi gave to all his fans.

Here are Stich's statements on the Big Three: "In the past when we saw André Agassi, Pete Sampras and also Goran Ivanisevic there were not only athletes but also tennis players of great personality on the field.

Instead now I think but even in the recent past it is not like that. Players like Lleyton Hewitt and Carlos Moya were excellent tennis players, but they revealed too little about themselves as individuals. The same goes for Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic: the fan wants to see all the emotions.

With the Big Three, despite being the greatest of all time, I sometimes miss this." Stich then spoke about the lack of authenticity sometimes on the part of tennis players who struggle to show their feelings: "At least personally I must say that I miss the originality on the part of tennis players when I'm on the pitch.

I see them playing but I don't feel what defines their character and their emotions. This also applies to the Big Three."

Nadal has a win-loss record of 105-3 in Paris

Sergi Bruguera, the captain of the Spanish Davis Cup team and two-time Roland Garros champion, recently spoke about how he is glad to have never faced Rafael Nadal at the claycourt Major.

"I imagine that sometime I would have beaten him (Rafael Nadal), but I am convinced that he would almost always beat me," Bruguera told Punto De Break. "My obsession was always winning Roland Garros and I was lucky to win it twice, also beating very strong players along the way like Courier or Medvedev.

Rafael Nadal is the best clay court player in history, a long way from the next one, so on that side I'm glad I didn't find him in my time," he added. Rafael Nadal has won the French Open a record 13 times. "I would put myself top 5 for sure, although there have been a lot," he said.

"Rafa is the undisputed number 1, then Santana would come, then there are spectacular players like Orantes, Gimeno, Moyá and Ferrero."